About us

Single Mommies Can is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization. It is our goal to develop young women who understand having a child early in life is not the end of life and that success is still obtainable through perseverance. Single Mommies Can’s desire is to support teenage mothers by providing a support group that reminds her she is not alone and teaches her to become self-sufficient and not allow history to repeat itself. Single Mommies Can teaches teenage girls how to become independent aside from government assistance.

Teenage Girl Sitting In Bathroom With Pregnancy Test

Our mission

 Our mission is to empower each teenage mother with determination and the will to be more than a “teenage mother” and to be the example of Single Mommies Can Do anything they set out to do…Single Mommies Can BE successful.


As a mentor, Single Mommies Can's Directors and Volunteers will ensure each young woman experiences transparency as they share their life's story to encourage, motivate, and support her through the different stages of motherhood and life's journeys.

Life Coaching and Development Skills

We understand parenting is not an easy task and help is needed along the way. SMC's Directors are here to help guide moms along the way with some of life's toughest decisions. We are here to assist with continuing education, resume writing, interview skills, and a host of other necessities that will help prepare young mommies for a brighter future.

Support Services

SMC will provide the necessary essentials to teen moms for their child ranging from diapers, wipes, formula, and clothing as donations are received. Other support services provided are group outings with other teen moms and parenting classes to ensure each mother is empowered with the tools needed to be a model parent.


Chasity Hopkins - Founder

Chasity Hopkins is the Founder and President of Single Mommies Can. She holds an Associates of Arts with an Accounting concentration from Houston Community College. She also holds a Bachelor's of Science in Accounting and a Masters in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Chasity was a single teen mother and has a passion for other teen mothers. Her vision and her passion developed in 2005, At the time she sought out to develop Chasity's Love. Having a sense of fear, she delayed in the formation of the organization and 14 years later Single Mommies Can was formed. Chasity deems her greatest accomplishment as being a successful single mother of three, obtaining three degrees while working a full-time job and juggling the lives of her three children. She believes in encouraging and pouring back into the lives of others who have similar life stories. Chasity believes that with the proper support system and mentoring, single mothers can be successful beyond the circumstance.

JaQuay R. Wyatt - Treasurer

JaQuay R. Wyatt is the Treasurer of Single Mommies can. She has 13 years of experience in the field of education. She enjoys cultivating the minds of future generations through creating a student-centered learning environment. She has Bachelors of Business Administration in Management and a Master’s degree in Human Resource Management. JaQuay credits the programs that supported her as a teenage mother for her success. Without the support of parenting classes and childcare, she may have been another statistic. It is her goal to ensure that single mothers have support systems in place to propel them towards reaching their full potential.

Eboni Brown-McCray - Secretary

Eboni Brown-McCray is a mother of two boys and a wife of 12 years. She enjoys helping others in whatever capacity they may need assistance. She loves being around her family. She has held various positions in the past for 21 years. She is now a stay at home mom and an entrepreneur. Her services are photography and notary public. She is the secretary for her church where she wears many hats in the administrative role. Eboni's success is rooted in her faith. She believes God has prepared her to do whatever she is called to do.

Katrina Keys - Networking Liaison

Katrina Keys is a Human Resources professional with over 18 years of experience in all aspects of Human Resources. She holds a Senior Certified Human Resources designation that is as near and dear as her MBA, her MA in Organizational Management and Bachelor’s in Journalism. Katrina’s biggest accomplishments are her two children; her daughter who attends college in Colorado majoring in Electrical Engineering and her son who is in his final years of high school. Katrina’s passion for giving back evolved many years ago originally tied to activities that involved her children. Her passion has grown into many facets such as co-teaching classes for teenagers at a non-profit, recruiting and interviewing for a non-profit’s youth ministry volunteers, providing volunteer support at job fairs and as a presenter for career workshop(s). In addition, she is involved with a local HR organization, specifically on the HR Gives Back and the University Liaison Committees, that partners with organizations that focus on helping to connect individuals with resources, skills training and opportunities to advance their career path and with a 501c3 charity that focuses on raising awareness of domestic violence and abuse.

Wyonona R. Paris - Board Member 2019-2020

Wyonona R. Paris attained a Bachelor’s Degree in Human Services/Management from University of Phoenix and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Texas Woman’s University. Wyonona is the owner of Unifying Hope Consultants, LLC. She is the first born of a 15-year old single mom. In July 2005, she initially became a temporary kinship caregiver to a newborn baby-girl and then ultimately became a single adoptive mom while continuing to maintain full-time employment in the Texas Medical Center as well as obtain her degrees. Wyonona is results-driven and known for being passionate about encouraging women to learn and embrace the warrior within, coordinating outreach collaborative efforts and most notably—helping others to the best of her ability. She continues to seek out spiritual growth opportunities and has completed study requirements to become a Certified Christian Counselor.