Single Mommies Can


It is our goal to develop young women who understand having a child early in life is not the end of life and that success is still obtainable through perseverance. Single Mommies Can’s desire is to support teenage mothers by providing a support group that reminds her she is not alone and teaches her to become self-sufficient and not allow history to repeat itself. Single Mommies Can teaches teenage girls how to become independent aside from government assistance. Our mission is to provide tools that will teach teenage mothers how to manage time to continue education beyond high school, find jobs, and become a model parent. Single Mommies Can strives to help each mother become successful and not allow her current circumstance to be her life’s defining moment. Our mission is to empower each teenage mother with determination and the will to be more than a “teenage mother” and to be the example of Single Mommies Can Do anything they set out to do…Single Mommies Can BE successful.


As a mentor, Single Mommies Can’s Directors and Volunteers will ensure each young woman experiences transparency as they share their life’s story to encourage, motivate, and support her through the different stages of motherhood and life’s journeys.

Support Services


SMC will provide the necessary essentials to teen moms for their child ranging from diapers, wipes, formula, and clothing as donations are received. Other support services provided are group outings with other teen moms and parenting classes to ensure each mother is empowered with the tools needed to be a model parent.

Counseling and Life Coaching

We understand parenting is not an easy task and help is needed along the way. SMC’s Directors are here to help guide moms along the way with some of life’s toughest decisions. We are also aware of postpartum depression happening without warning and want to ensure help is available. SMC Directors will ensure the help needed to overcome the postpartum depression is provided through referrals.