Who Told You You Can’t?

Single Mommies Can but…. Who told you, you can’t? Was it your mother or your father? Was it your teacher, some stranger you don’t know, was it social media, the girl you don’t like but you’re stalking her page and comparing yourself to her, your boyfriend or your child’s father? Was it your friend, or was it YOU? I have been told I can’t so many times I have lost count. I was told “oh you can’t graduate pregnant, why not drop out and get your G.E.D” all while experiencing emotional distress from losing my grandmother who was the closet human to me. “You can’t get a degree, raise three kids, and work a full-time job. You can’t run a non-profit, keep your full-time job, and send three kids to college.” Those were the things “they” said, but the worse I can’t came from me. The truth is I CAN, I COULD, I DID! I did graduate emotionally distraught and pregnant at 19. I did get a degree with three kids and a full-time job, while showing up at every extracurricular activity being a single parent, not only did I get one, but I got three degrees. I do run a non-profit organization and provide resources for teen moms while I put my three kids through college, while being single, and working full-time, all while drinking my water and minding my business. I am not sharing these things to brag on who I am or what I’ve accomplished. I share my truth with you to let you know you can do anything you want to do if you believe in yourself and persevere.

Article by Chasity Hopkins

Chasity has a passion for teen moms. Her desire is to encourage each teen mom to be self-sufficient beyond her circumstance.

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